Products for Tightening Cream and Gels
China Shrink Cream
.5 oz
Price: 7.50
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Crazy Girl Wanna Be Tight Shrink Gel
.5 oz
Price: 6.95
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Like a Virgin Tightening Gel
1 oz.
Price: 8.95
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Liquid Virgin Tightening Gel
1 oz
Price: 7.95
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Looking to make the night extra special? With a dab of some tightening cream, your partner will have a memorable night he won't forget! Some people call it the "miracle cream" as they become just like a virgin once again. With enhanced grip and friction, you will feel him fuller and he will feel you even better. Sex will be fun again and you'll wonder why it took this long to try it out!

About Tightening Creams and Gels
An effective ingredient to make the skin tighter is potassium alum. It is an odorless mineral used as an astringent, a skin tightening and shrinking substance. Its approval by the FDA as an astringent led to many new products including anti-wrinkle creams, deodorants, and vaginal tightening creams. It does have a drying effect as well so women with low natural lubrication may need to add lubrication. If you want to give alum based creams a try, check out the China Shrink Cream, Crazy Girl Wanna Be Tight Shrink Gel, and Liquid Virgin. The China Shrink Cream, a favorite among users, is your basic odorless tightening product in a cream applicaiton. Crazy Girl Gel has added extracts and menthol , a cooling and refreshing agent. Liquid Virgin contains aloe vera which helps hydrate and moisturize the skin as it tightens it. These work immediately in 5 to 15 mintues upon application and last many hours.

Don't prefer potassium alum? The Like a Virgin Tightening Gel is alum free with a warming sensation to enhance feeling. This cream uses a formula of natural extracts and ingredients to achieve that tight and pleasurable experience.