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Barbell Kegel Weights
Our Price: 22.95

The set includes 3 barbells. Beginners start with the lightest barbell at 45 grams and gradually work their way to the heavier 95 gram barbell. Kegel exercises are a proven and a recommend routine to keep the pelvic floor muscles healthy. Strong pelvic floor muscles help prevent incontinence and improve intimacy with your partner. The kegel barbells are designed to help perform kegel exercises by giving you weighted resistance and exercise feedback allowing you to track your progress. By using the weights, you know you are exercising the pelvic muscles correctly.


  • 3 kegel barbells increasing in weight with beautiful color swirl design.
  • Weights: 45, 65, and 95 grams. Width: 1", 1.2", 1.35". Length: 3"
  • Made from strong hypoallergenic break resistant borosilicate glass
  • Lubricant friendly and can be warmed with hot water
  • Assists women with kegel exercises for a better intimate experience, prevention of incontinence, and faster postnatal recovery