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Mini Remote Vibrating Egg
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During ancient times, oriental women used stone or jade eggs to squeeze on to exercise their vaginal muscles.  The Mini Remote Vibrating Egg combines the popularity of eggs with the fun of a remote vibrator!  Do your kegels on the egg and then with the remote in your pocket, turn on the stimulation.  Give the remote to your partner for unexpected results!

Don't be fooled by its small size.  At only 1.9 inches long, it can create a strong vibration at the highest setting.  The remote is small, thin, and easily carried in your pocket.

The egg features 10 different vibrating modes for your pleasure. It has round edges and a smooth surface for comfort and is easily removed with the retrieval cord.  Slide the cover down on the remote and press one button to activate the vibrating egg and to cycle through the different vibration modes.  The second button turns off the egg.

10 Vibration Modes
Water Resistant
Length: 1.9 in.
Diameter: 1.3 in.
Batteries Included (6 AG13)
Remote Range: up to 20 ft.
Material: ABS + Rubber

Vibration Modes
1. Low constant vibration
2. Medium constant vibration
3. High constant vibration
4. Medium pulsing vibration
5. 3 medium pulses to 1 long pulse
6. Long pulses to medium pulses to fast pulse
7. 3 seconds long pulses to 3 seconds constant vibration
8. Low vibration to medium vibration to fast pulses
9. Gradual increase in vibration each second for 9 seconds, then reset
10. Low vibration to high fast pulses