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Juno Weighted Pelvic Exerciser
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A fabulous kegel type exerciser made of seamless Lucite, with increasing weights for the woman who wants to continuously strengthen her pelvic floor muscles.

  • Continuously strengthen pelvic floor muscle with this weighted and graduated Lucite exerciser; we recommend use with a water-based lubricant
  • Completely seamless design, by the Berman Institute, is safer and more comfortable, while smooth surface makes entry and cleanup easier
  • Beginners should start by using the smaller end with support from the other hand, then work up to the next size/weight
  • More experienced women can begin with the larger end and work up to holding the exerciser with muscle only
  • Improve PC (pubococcygeus) muscle strength after surgery or childbirth, or simply to gain better control and potentially improve sexual pleasure
Length: 6-3/4" 
Width: 1-5/16" at wide end. 5/8" at narrow end.
Weight: 5oz. (.3125 lb)  
For a heavier kegel exerciser, check out the ENERGIE.

The Berman Center Intimate Accessories Collection was designed by women for women to give you and your partner exactly what you need to optimize your sex life.  Dr. Laura Berman was worked with thousands of women with her team to gain feedback on what works for women to create ergonomic, quiet, and pleasing devices.  Each product in her Intimate Accessories collection is designed for a different sexual challenge and health goal.